Weekend Concert Preview: July 17 to July 19 | July 16, 2009


Hello there readers! Yes, the Philanthem team is finally back and cooking with gas (a brief month in another country set us back a wee bit). So, please do keep coming back to the site for news on upcoming shows and much more! Now, let’s see what’s going on this weekend around this beautiful city.

July 17th:

The Ruining, Static Radio and Make Do And Mend are playing The Fire tonight starting around 6:00 pm. Tickets are $7.00 and you can pick them up here (or probably at the door). A good ole Jersey punk show (with some friends from Connecticut) should be a rip-roaring good time. More previews after the break.jay d clark

July 18th:

Jay D Clark is hosting an open mic night tonight at the Edge Hill Tavern out in Glenside starting at 10:00 pm. We know it may be a bit far for some of you, but if Jay D Clark decides to play a few tunes, it’ll be worth the trip. Besides, how could you pass up a free night out?


July 19th:

LO Power Plane, Midlife Krisis, The Mean and the Elliot Garland Ensemble are playing a benefit show for the Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) with the first band starting at 3:00 pm. The POP asks everyone to donate $10.00 upon entry, but for four bands that’s a steal and you’ll be helping a good cause. Also, pay another $10.oo for a cup of beer from the Philadelphia Brewing Company. Now at a charge of 10 big ones you can assume that refills should be free, but we can’t make any promises.

Do you either play in a band or know one that would like to be featured in either our Weekend or Work Week Concert Previews? Then send us email at or add us on our Myspace page. Remember you can also subscribe to our twitter feed to know exactly when our Philly Concert Previews as well as other features go live!


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